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How Can You Prepare For Medicare Annual Enrollment 2021?

Even though we are on the precipice of summer and October 15th (the first day of Medicare Annual Enrollment Period) seems far away, it is never too early to take inventory on your current Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

Taking inventory is relatively easy – all you have to do is to ask yourself some questions!

To get you started, we compiled some questions for you.

What questions should you ask yourself when preparing for Medicare Annual Enrollment for 2021?

*This is not an all-inclusive list and should be treated only as a guide


  • What am I paying in premiums annually as compared to what my expected out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are?

  • How much will the deductible for Medicare be for Parts A and B?

  • How much am I paying for my Part B premium, and Part A if applicable?

  • What is the percentage of my income that I spending on premiums?

  • Can I lower my monthly premium on my Medicare Supplement plan and still keep my peace of mind?

What do you need and how have your needs changed?

  • What extra benefits am I getting with my Medicare Advantage plan and have I taken advantage of them? Which ones am I not using?

  • Have I taken advantage of all the wellness visits I am entitled to? If not, why?

  • Have I been prescribed a new medication this year? How has this affected my out-of-pocket expenses?

  • Has my primary care physician mentioned any changes to participation in a Medicare network?

  • Have I been diagnosed with a chronic disease this year?

  • Will I need surgery within 12 months for a non-urgent condition?

Choosing a specialist to speak with and the insurance that's right for you

  • Have I had any barriers or hurdles when attempting to see a specialist or have a test scheduled?

  • If I called Member Services, were the representatives knowledgeable and polite? Was my issue solved at the first contact?

  • If I use the insurance carrier’s website, is it easy to navigate? Is the information up-to-date?

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